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P3Dv5 (    LINDA3.2.6.1111     FSUIPC 6.0.12

Starting yesterday, I've started getting a cyclical message popping up in a window. It's a SimConnect Window, stating that "VAS=0". I've disabled all my addons, and restarted using just the stock, default-provided aircraft. I do not get that message until I've re-enabled FSUIPC6. No other addon triggers the message window. Checking the FSUIPC6.log does not show any errors. I've been running the same conditions for weeks now without problems of this sort, and am clueless as to why this has suddenly started.

Also have noted that moving about in the FSUIPC6 menu is now very slow, often requiring several clicks on a tab before it takes.

Update#2: Discovered the source of the problem


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9 hours ago, John Dowson said:

What was it?

There was a lua script that I hadn't been using since I'd switched from FSX to P3Dv5. It had been located in the directory--and thus listed in fsuipc6.ini under [LuaFiles]--since the changeover, but due to mission requirements (basically I'll be using it this weekend to operate our Norden bombsight) I'd updated the [Auto] to have it autoload.

The lua script in question contained the following:

function VAS(control, vas)

    vas_in = ipc.readUD(0x024C)
    ipc.writeLvar("L:VAS", vas_in)

       vas_in < 500000 then
       ipc.display("VAS = "..vas_in,2)


as well as:




It would appear that the offset 024C is specific to FSX only, which was causing the problem. 


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