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9 minutes ago, MarkStallen said:

How to use the =not condition in the ini file. For instance :

217=B66D0=not3 P258,23,Cx010066D0,x04  

217=B66D0not=3 P258,23,Cx010066D0,x04 

217=B66D0not3 P258,23,Cx010066D0,x04 

No, that wouldn't as according to the Advanced User guide:


<condition> is one of:
       =value for equality
        !value for inequality
        <value for less than
        >value for greater than

so should be:

217=B66D0!3 P258,23,Cx010066D0,x04  

217=B66D0!3 P258,23,Cx010066D0,x04 

217=B66D0!3 P258,23,Cx010066D0,x04 

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