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What kind of support are you thinking about? If you mean referencing the DLL from a WASM application and having it run on the browser then I don't think that's possible. Communication with FSUIPC is done via Windows messaging using the Win32 API. I'm pretty sure that can't be accessed from code running in a browser.

You can use the DLL on the server side with an ASP.NET application. Not sure about the new Blazor server apps.

Let me know if you had something else in mind.

If you want real-time access to FSUIPC data from Javascript or WASM applications you can use my WebSocket server. This runs on the FlightSim computer and allows the browser to request and receive real-time updates over a WebSocket.



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Hey Paul!

Specifically, I'm looking at a mechanism to read LVARs in MSFS via your dll; I know Mr. John Dowson released a WASM module containing header files to accomplish this task. Unfortunately, said header files need to recompiled as dll (library class) vice static library.  I didn't know you had the notions of compiling your dll to include these classes (similar to what you did with PMDG).  


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Ahh, I understand now. 

I've had a look and I've no plans to do this at the moment. John says he's going to build this into FSUIPC7. When he does I'll see what that means. If LVars become accessible via the normal IPC interface then I won't need to do anything.

If this provides a faster way to access LVars than the current IPC method (one LVAR per Process()) then I'll look at adding support for it then.



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