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Can't set Baro to "STD" on MSFS 2020 ASOBO's A320

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Hi !!

I'm new to FSUIPC , and trying to control / read FS with its help,  I've done a lot of searching in the web but cannot find a way to make this work,

                       FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(FsControl.BAROMETRIC_STD_PRESSURE, 0);


sets the Baro to 29.92 , actually this is STD, but cannot make the plane show STD in the Baro indicator. Tryied with other values with no luck.

 I saw an Axis and Ohs template that accomplish this making use of an RPN script (Simconnect):


So it CAN be done.


Any help about how to make it with FSUIPC??




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The problem is probably with MSFS or the way the A320 is programmed. Even though you have set standard pressure, the code in the aircraft doesn't light the indicator.

The RPN script seems to be using local panel variables (LVARs) to force the indicator on.

I can't understand the syntax of the script but it seems like L:XMLVAR_Baro1_ForcedToSTD is being used to light the indicator.

Unfortunately LVARs are not yet available in FSUIPC when using MSFS (both are still in development). When they are implemented you will likely be able to light the indicator by writing the correct value to the LVARs. Use FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVAR() and FSUIPCConnection.WriteLVAR().


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