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Request to add joystick vendor/product to an offset so they can be used in the fsuipc client dll

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Hi John,

In the fsuipc client dll subforum I asked Paul about a possibility to identify a joystick based on vendor/product just as we can open a device in lua using those properties. Paul told me this currently isn't possible in the client dll because the information isn't available in the IPC interface.

Pete then suggested some offsets could be added for this purpose and suggested I ask this in the main forum. The original conversation is in here.

It would be nice if this feature could be added to FSUIPC (I use version 6).

Kind Regards,


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3 hours ago, pbrand said:

It would be nice if this feature could be added to FSUIPC (I use version 6).

Yes, this is possible. However, I don't know at the moment when I will have time to look into this. I also have several other pending new feature requests. I'll add this to the list, and and let you know when I come around to looking at this in detail. It will probably be a few months away though, as I've a lot on my plate at the moment with getting lvar access working in FSUIPC7. Once thats done/released, I will start on the backlog of other user requests.



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Just now, pbrand said:

I understand that you are a busy man, John.

I will see it when you've had the time for it.

Ok, thanks. You may get this earlier though as Pete has said he may look into it for you, even though he has "retired"...!
I need to allocate the offsets first though, and make a decision as to whether to start re-allocating old offsets (FS9 and before) that are (hopefully!) no longer used...

Will keep you informed.



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