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Catastrophe after last update!


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Hello John, sorry to trouble you but I've been left in an odd situation by MS.

With the last update, MSFS failed to install and the sim itself would not start. I followed very precise instructions from MS, which included as a last resort, uninstallation of MSFS. Well nothing prepared me for what followed - would not uninstall or install - I have the premium deluxe boxed version. By chance I happen to note that my PC clock was showing UTC (Zulu) time and not BST, although it had been. The update changed my clock time - this has now been confirmed by others.

My issue, when I corrected the clock, suddenly MSFS started to install and took 26 hours to do so! But I had no option as to where the first part went to, at that time. However, Once MSFS was in full swing I had the option to install the packages to my "D" drive. Now when I launch the sim, it does not launch FSUIPC7 and vice/versa. I still have the desktop icon for the MSFS/FSUIPC7 start, but it only starts MSFS.

The MSFS.bat is in the FSUIPC7 folder, attached but I expect something has to be updated, yes?





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If you re-installed MSFS, you need to re-run the FSUIPC7 installer to create (or update) your EXE.xml, which is the MSFS file that auto-starts third party add-ons. So, first try that. If it still doesn't work, show me your InstallFSUIPC7.log together with your EXE.xml (its location will/should be shown in the install log) and I'll take a look.

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