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No Smoking button on Airbus not working newbie

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7 hours ago, kingofclubs said:

I'm having trouble getting the no smoking light to work.

I am not sure this is possible yet. The switch is working (in the FBW mod at least) but does not emit any events, and the Cabin No Smoking Alert Switch Toggle event has no affect. I also can't see any lvars/hvars for this switch either. 

However, looking at the MobiFlight WASM events document (see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jTXlcHaJWx0B7TB63Pmma7bKwpxsxXJO6EJ3ECt7zpc/edit#gid=172455454), I can see these events:

so that looks promising! However, these events don't appear in my MobiFlight event file, but I haven't updated this in quite a while. So I would suggest trying these fist - or maybe asking over on the MF forum to see if they are actually implemented. To use with FSUIPC, you would also need to add them to an event file to make them accessible from the assignments drop-down. There i another post in this forum on how to do this if not familiar with MobiFlight events.

I'll update my MobiFlight WASM today or tomorrow and take another look once done.


P.S. Are you using the vanilla A320 or an FBW mod? If the former, I suggest you update to use the FBW stable mod instead.

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1 hour ago, John Dowson said:

I also can't see any lvars/hvars for this switch either. 

There is an lvar for this: XMLVAR_SWITCH_OVHD_INTLT_NOSMOKING_Position
This accepts the values:
    0 = On
    1 = Auto
    2 = Off
The MobiFlight events listed previously use this lvar.


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16 hours ago, kingofclubs said:

Do I add this in the .ini ?


You also PM'ed me this - please do not POM me for support issues, use the forum. You could have posted that here:


I know your real busy but how do I get the XMLVAR_SWITCH_OVHD_INTLT_NOSMOKING_Position into my dropdown list of lvars? How did you find this lvar?

Are you using the FBW (stable) mod? I don't think that lvar is available in the Asobo A320 Neo.

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