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Intercept Radio Panel Leds on Airbus A320


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If you are using the FBW mod, you can use the lvars:
which hold 1,2 or 3 for the left/right RPM, where 1 indicates VHF1, etc.

For the stock A320Neo, you can use the following lvars:
which also hold 1,2 or 3 for the left/right RPM, where 1 indicates VHF1, etc.

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3 minutes ago, Fabix said:

Thank you very much! Where I can find a full list of lvars with description?

To list the lvars, make sure you have the FSUIPC WASM module enabled, then just use the Add-ons -> WASM -> List Lvars... menu option to see all lvars and their values.
Note that more lvars are available the longer the aircraft is loaded - you can issue a Reload command (again, from the WASM menu) to rescan and reload all lvars. [NB. There is also an ini parameter to the WASM called LvarScanDelay which you can increase to delay the lvar scanning - see the Advanced user manual for details on this).

For the description of the lvars, you need to check the documentation for the a/c you are using.... However, there doesn't seem to be much of this available, especially for the stock aircraft. However, its usually pretty obvious what they are from the name. Note also that not all lvars are writeable - some are read-only. There is no way (that I know of) to determine if an lvar is updatable - you just have to try.

I will also be releasing FSUIPC7 v7.2.0 later today (this has been available as a beta release for a while now). This has an additional facility to populate free user offsets with lvars for both read and write (where applicable). You may want to download and use this, once I've released.


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