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msfs linear yoke setting not working yet, any solution via fsuipc, or just wait to be fixed?


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I have a yoke that will rotate to the normal range of many ga aircraft.  90 degrees left or right of center if my math is correct.  Because of this, I would like the simulator to just duplicate the true angle of the yoke, a linear response.    I cannot do this yet with msfs.  In msfss' sensitivity settings, it is possible to change the curve from the default center focused geometric curve to a straight linear graph.   Unfortunately, there is no change in the actual results.  

With another simulator for example, it is possible to set a simple linear response curve in the simulator so that the yoke aileron response is solely dictated by the true angle of the control/hid.  Therefore, I'm certain this is an msfs issue and not a fault of the control.  I have tried setting the response to a negatively geometric curve in the control's presimulation settings, but the result is some kind of n^6 type curve that is, well, quite a bit worse.

This is a ffb yoke and therefore, as mentioned, has its own presimulation settings, etc.  Im not sure where fsuipc would fit into the sequence of signal processing.  Any expert opinion as to whether this is worth trying to fix, or just wait for msfs to implement it's sensitivity settings?

... or am I missing something like a tied shoelace?



using the default msfs cessna 172, steam gauge

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I'm not sure I fully understand your issue....If your yoke moves through the full 90 degrees left and right, and so does the virtual yoke in the C172, I would have thought the visuals would match if you set a linear response curve...

12 hours ago, cdub said:

This is a ffb yoke and therefore, as mentioned, has its own presimulation settings, etc.  Im not sure where fsuipc would fit into the sequence of signal processing. 

Not knowing this yoke or software, nor do I I'm afraid. If your yoke is recognised by windows as a hid joystick type device, you could try assigning and calibrating in FSUIPC7 without the software. If you need the software for the device to be recognised, then you will just have to try it to see how it works with FSUIPC7.

I suggest you just try an assign/calibrate your yoke in FSUIPC7 to see if it works for you. You can find a trial license for you to try the assignment facilities here: 



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Just took a look and I think I know what you mean... The UI yoke seems to behave as if a response curve has been applied, or at least doesn't appear to move linearly with the input through the whole 90 degree rotation (in each direction). It will be with Asobo not brunner - you can ask on the Asobo forums for MSFS.

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