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For some aircraft, I have to use the setting THROTTLE1_AXIS_SET_EX1 to control the throttle. The problem appears to be that I can't set a dead zone at the start of the throttle.

I understand that I could do this using lua in fsuipc. I have some experience in Lua, I have written some basic scripts to help with automation in the cockpit etc...

But I'm not certain of what I should do to execute throttle operation in FSUIPC - nor how to limit the throttle's travel.

Would someone mind posting some example code that I may work on as a basis?

Thanks in advance,


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38 minutes ago, severniae said:

Would someone mind posting some example code that I may work on as a basis?

Assign your axis to a free FSUIPC offset (e.g.A000), and use the lua event.offset function to call your handling function when the offset/axis value changes.
Your handling function will receive the axis value - you can adjust that value as needed (i.e. calibrate) and then send on to the FS using ipc.control, using the control number for THROTTLE1_AXIS_SET_EX1 (which is 67103 - see the document Controls List for MSFS Build 999.txt) together with your calibrated value as the parameter. You should also auto-start the lua, using the [Auto.xxxx] (where xxxx is your profile name) section of your FSUIPC7.ini file.

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