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First, for support, please post in the main support forum. I have moved your post.
Why do you want to have 5.155? You should really be using the latest version, 5.157. Why can't you use that version?
Note that 5.155 is no longer supported - I only support the latest version of each product.


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There are only minor differences (bug fixes + new ini parameters) between 5.155 and 5.157, which are:


Version 5.157 (June 2020)
1. Correction to setting offset 3400 from ini file.
2. Controller check corrected (log message).
3. New ini parameter LuaTrapKeyEvent to mask lua event.key calls.
4. Added option to [Programs] Run/RunIf DELAY parameter to allow a n individual delay to be
specified for each program.

5. Corrected thread issue with Lua globals via ipc.set & ipc.get.
Version 5.156 (April 2020)
1. Update population of offsets for PMDG 747 to correspond to latest header file
2. Correction to processing of lua onKey events.


So why doesn't the software work with 5.157? You should contact the developers and ask them to make it compatible. There should be no reason for it not to work unless they are explicitly checking the version number.

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