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Can't get WideFS to connect to FSUIPC7

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Okay I am no getting in my WidwClient.log:

********* WideClient Log [version 7.159] Class=FS98MAIN *********
Date (dmy): 04/08/21, Time 11:53:02.456: Client name is DESKTOP-5HIHR0K
      546 LUA: "C:\Users\User 1\Downloads\WideFS7\Initial.LUA": not found
      546 Attempting to connect now
      593 Trying TCP/IP host "SHADOW-S2CVF6Q7" port 8002 ...
      593 ... Okay, IP Address =
     2765 Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Error=10061] Connection refused
     2765 Ready to try connection again
     3765 Attempting to connect now

Getting absolutely nothing in the Wide log on the Simulator PC.

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3 hours ago, jmabrao said:

2765 Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Error=10061] Connection refused

This normally implies a firewall stopping the connection. It might be on the Client PC or the Server, more likely the latter. You'll either need to disable the firewall, or at least tell it to allow FSUIPC7.EXE  (on the Server firewall) and WideClient.EXE (on the Client).



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Okay I managed to get it connected somehow. I honestly didn't change anything.  My next question is I spent about 3 hours trying to make it so when I press F12 in simulator it presses F12 on client for PTT for P2A and nothing I try seems to work.


; -----------------------------------------------



KeySend1=123,16 ; Press F12

KeySend2=123,24 ; Release F12

; ===============================================


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You should set "no repeats". Unlike using a button press, using a keyboard creates multiple presses automatically. You'll be sending a stream of KeySends so invoking continuous F12 presses!

I have this in my WideClient INI:

KeySend110=112,16 ; F1 Press   PTT for P2A
KeySend111=112,24 ; F1 Release PTT for P2A
KeySend112=121,16 ; F10 Press   Sayit for P2A
KeySend113=121,24 ; F10 Release Sayit for P2A
KeySend114=117,16 ; F6 Press   Sound device for P2A
KeySend115=117,24 ; F6 Release Sound device for P2A

All of those KeySends are assigned to buttons in my cockpit -- the PTT to the PTT button on the yoke. Works fine.

Of course, also be sure you have it set correctly in P2A.





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