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V7.2.5 ipc.display() not works anymore after update


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Yes, I had FSUIPC 7.2.6. already tested yesterday, because I also had the LVAR problem. But I noticed that ipc.display () no longer works.
Maybe the MSFS Version is the problem??
The 7.2.6 doesn't helps with this issue!
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12 hours ago, achwodu said:

But I noticed that ipc.display () no longer works.

But there has been problems with ipc.display since MSFS launch, so I'm surprised it was working at all for you! As stated in the FSUIPC Lua library documentation:


Note that there are currently many issues with the simconnect message display functionality. It is recommended to use the wnd library for the time being.

Just checked the SDK documentation on the SimConnect_Text function in the latest SDK version, v0.14.0.0, and it now states:



    The SimConnect_Text function is not currently available for use.


 So I don't think there is anything I can do. You should look into using the wnd library, as the documentation recommends.


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29 minutes ago, achwodu said:

Many thanks for the information and your helping hand.

No problem. Attached is an example lua script using the wnd library.



Note that when using the wnd library, the position and size information is only used the first time it is ran. The information is then written to the FSUIPC7.ini, where it will be taken on subsequent iterations. You can move and resize the wnd windows dtnamically using the arrow keys and arrow keys + shift or Ctrl (can't remember which!), and the new size/position will also be remembered.

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