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The Fsuipc7 was purchased but did not receive a simmarket registration code


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Moved to FSUIPC7 support forum
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I'm sorry, but FSUIPC does not support unicode/Chinese characters (kangxi/Hanxi/?), and so the key generation failed. Please supply me with a name and email address in standard ascII, and I will PM you a license key file. That is, please give me a name and email address that I can use to generate a key for you - you can PM me the details if you prefer.


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2 hours ago, zhuerhuai03 said:


似乎 SimMarket 注意到了这一点,并为您生成了一个新的。
无国界医生是我支持的主要战车(之一) - 你做得很好! 
Sìhū SimMarket zhùyì dàole zhè yīdiǎn, bìng wèi nín shēngchéngle yīgè xīn de.
Wú guójiè yīshēng shì wǒ zhīchí de zhǔyào zhàn chē (zhī yī) - nǐ zuò dé hěn hǎo!

1 hour ago, zhuerhuai03 said:

John Dowson is very grateful, I have received the registration code, thank you for your prompt reply to help me solve the big problem, I will continue to support you, thank you again

Thank you!


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