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FSUIPC dmp files


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Ok, I can also see a dmp file created when FSUIPC exits, although the FSIOPC7.log shows  FSUIPC exiting normally. I don't think this is anything to worry about, but I will look into it. It is probably related to the exception generated when  MSFS quits due to a stale SimConnect handle - you will also see a faulting application event in the Windows Event viewer.

I'll see if I can handle MSFS shut-down more gracefully so that this does not occur. 

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47 minutes ago, von said:

Image upload failed and posting in the forum failed.

I do not need to see any images, the issue is clear.

48 minutes ago, von said:

Still having problems with the FSUIPC server.

There is no FSUIPC server (well, there is at www.fsuipc.com) - these are SimFlight servers.

48 minutes ago, von said:

I sent John a PM yesterday but no reply yet.

I have replied.

49 minutes ago, von said:

Tried to send another PM msg but that also failed.

Why another PM? I do not provide support via PMs. For any issues with posting on the forum/SimFlight, please contact SimFlight support directly as they are in charge of the support forums.


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I sent you a Message to let you know there were problems with the FSUIPC forum.

At the time I did not know if the problem was on my side or the FSUIPC server side.

Maybe you could have verified at that time and then you could have contacted SimFlight seeing it is your forum.

I sent a second PM because I did not get a reply to the first PM.

I will give the new FSUIPC7.exe a test today. Thanks.


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