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FSUIPC7 installer can't find community folder


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Hello everyone,

I create this topic because when I start the installer of FSUIPC7 I obtain this error message :


As my MFS2020 is installed on my D drive, is there a way to change the path used by the installer to point to the correct location of my MFS folder.

If needed, you will find attached the log file produced by the installer.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


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15 hours ago, Luluxure said:

I've got a MS Store version of MSFS.

Ok, then for some reason MSFS hasn't created the registry entries which tell FSUIPC7 where MSFS is installed.
There is no much I can do about this. FSUIPC7 will still run ok, but this will have two consequences:
   1.  the FSUIPC WASM module will not be installed
   2. the auto start component will not be available

For the WASM module, you can download this from www.fsuipc.com, and copy the WASM module manually to your MSFS Community folder.
For the aut0-start component, you can manually create the required EXE.xml file following the instructions in this thread:


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8 hours ago, thatNAVYguy said:

Is it possible to manually point to the location of your community folder? I want to save the addon elsewhere and then create a shortcut in the community folder.

You can do this but it will have to be manual, i.e. let the installer install the WASM in your Community folder, then move it manually and create your shortcut/link.

However, you may be netter off using one of the free utilities that manages your add-ons, e.g MSFS AddOn Linker: see 

Note that only the FSUIPC WASM modue goes in the Community folder, you can already install FSUIPC7 itself in any location.


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