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Writing Lat/Lon to MSFS Offsets using FSUIPC WebSocket


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I just realized that I can't write to 6010 and 6018 for latitude/longitude. I have to use 0560 & 0568. However, the computation for that field is complicated and I have no clue what some of the terms are. Any one know what the computation is to turn degrees lat/lon to write to those offsets?


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I think I tried that before. Sitting at MGCT airport (latitude: 14.6946573257446 Longitude: -91.8814315795899).

When I read 6010/6018 as lat/lon type versus float I get this:

name: "latitude"address: 0x6010type: "float"size: 8 },
      { name: "writelatitude"address: 0x6010type: "lat"size: 8 },
      { name: "longitude"address: 0x6018type: "float"size: 8 },
      { name: "writelongitude"address: 0x6018type: "lon"size: 8 },


Lat/Lon Float: 14.696005552849051,-91.87789736218718
Lat/Lon Write : 9688.75418157663,-89.522262409018


Float is correct. The lat/lon type isn;t returning correct values.

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Float is correct for 0x6010/8 because the data is stored as a float. There is no need to use lon/lat for these anyway because the data is already in decimal degrees.

0x0560/8 have the data stored as integers, so you need to either use the int type and do the conversion yourself, or use lon/lat type and let the server do it for you.

You're mixing up two different types of offsets. 

If you're going to read and write then just use 0x0560/8 with the lon/lat data types.


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Yes, the websocket server works with all versions of FSUIPC from 3 and higher.

The only thing that doesn't work with versions earlier than 7 is the direct access to LVars (vars.* commands) because this is a new feature for FSUIPC7/MSFS. But Offsets and Payload will work fine with FSUIPC6.

Download the server here:



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