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Dissapeared profiles

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Dear fellow FS friends,

Last week and all the weeks before I ran my P3D with no issue flying the PMDG 737 and Airbus with no issues on selecting profiles.

Till today, I started my PMDG 737 for a flight, and only my TCA thrustmaster joystick was working in the FSUIPC profile. The TCA Throttles / add on of flap and speedbreak lever weren't recognized anymore. And so I had to redo al the settings of buttons, throttle, reverse etc.

Is this a common thing that suddenly can happen? Or can I find back the profile settings somewhere were they saved to see if there is something corrupt.

Thank you so much!

Kind regards


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Hi Jim,

Settings (and profiles) are never lost. When this occurs, it is usually due to one of three changes:
   1. The aircraft you are using is not covered by the profile name. This occurs if you are using the full aircraft name rather than a relevant substring, so when the same aircraft but a different livery is loaded, the profile is not loaded. To get around this, you can attach the new aircraft to the existing profile, or, better, use substrings to identify which aircraft should use which profile.

   2. The controller in question has been assigned a new ID. When this occurs, the current assignments to that device will not be recognised as FSUIPC detects it as a new device. To get around this problem, you should use the "JoyLettters" facility, which was designed to get around this issue. See the Uset guide for details.

   3. Your device GUIDs have changed. This can occur, but usually on only windows upgrades. To get around this, you need to manually edit your FSUIPC .ini file, changing the GUIDs used to assign your devices. Is quite straightforward, but I can assist when this is needed.

I suspect that you experienced issue 2, but I don't know without seeing your files. If you can attach both your FSUIPC .ini and .log files, I will take a look.



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