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Autostart when not Running FSUIPC


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42 minutes ago, garack said:

I only run MSFS2020 but FSUIPC starts anyway

If you install the auto-start component, FSUIPC will be automatically started with MSFS. That is what the auto-start component does!
If you don't want FSUIPC to auto-start with MSFS, re-install and de-select/uncheck the auto-start component. You will then need to start FSUIPC7 manually when you want to use it.


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15 hours ago, garack said:

wondered why there isnt an option in FSUICP, but this is a very old tool i guess.

Well, its been around for a while, but has been updated to work with MSFS2020.
Note that all previous versions of  FSUIPC (for FSX and P3D) were .dll files, and so always started with the FS.
It only became an option to start manually with MSFS, as FSUIPC7 is now a separate application, a .exe.
As such, it makes more sense defining how you would like to use it when you install. It doesn't make much sense (to me, at least) to have this as an option in FSUIPC7 itself, as it is something that once set you would very rarely want to change. In fact, you will most ptobably be updating FSUIPC7 via the installer more often thn you would want to change this option (as I release updates every 4-5 weeks).

I could add this as an option within FSUIPC7 itself, but I think there is far more useful functionality to be added (e.g. some indication of an update being available) at the moment, and I doubt I would ever have time to get around to implementing such a feature.


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