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How to activate HVAR FS2020

vee two

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Firstly thanks for the wonderful FSUIPC - it allows us all to unlock the true potential of our flight sims!

I have self built hardware to interface to A32NX Autopilot Control Panel and MCDU. I am able access the autopilot events with button assignments (eg A32NX.FCU_AP_1_PUSH), but cannot work out how to access the MCDU HVAR.

I am able to trigger CDU presses using the WASM "Activate HVAR" box. For example H:A320_Neo_CDU_1_BTN_INIT "Activate" changes to the INIT page.

However I cannot work out how to assign this HVAR to a hardware button press.

I am new to FSUIPC and have basic programming skills. I have searched the forums and documentation for days, but just need a nudge in the right direction.


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15 hours ago, vee two said:

However I cannot work out how to assign this HVAR to a hardware button press.

Hvars can currently only be assigned using either  lua or macros. The easiest way would be to use a macro file - see the Macros to activate Hvars section of the Advanced User guide, P 35.
Basically you need to create a macro file (e.g. A32NX.mcro) on your FSUIPC7 installation folder with the following contents:


1=H:A320_Neo_CDU_1_BTN_INIT =Set

and you can then assign to that macro entry in the assignment controls drop-downs.


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I also want to create a macro file with Hvar for a MCDU. Which tools are the easiest? I have no idea to program macros. Tried to figure out in the web, but didn´t found anything but recording in excel or open office..

got it ... 😛 .... editor file with the extension mcro ....

thanx and greets Klaus



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