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Disable “Continuous Loop” or fix nose gear staying up (Ngxu)

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Hi, I would like to disable the live instant replay continuous loop. I'm using version 4.5.2102.9 latest for P3D. The thing is that I always enable instant replay aprox at 10 nm from touchdown, then play the instant replay (I fly the NGXu btw), so when it ends it loops from the beginning which is when i had the landing gear up and there's a conflict with the NGXu which makes the nose gear to stay up for the long of the replay and it ruins it, of course. So my wish is if I can disable this, so when the replay finishes it stops and pauses the sim, like it did in previous versions. Thanks

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  • Cuantreau changed the title to Disable “Continuous Loop”
  • Cuantreau changed the title to Disable “Continuous Loop” or fix nose gear staying up (Ngxu)
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My sim is P3DV5.3 HF2. I also use NGXU. The FCR successfully manages to "re"animate almost every animation of the aircraft except the nose gear. I can`t manage to "drop" it. It`s always UP. The main gears works fine tho. And I meticulously follow the steps recommended by pmdg to start a pmdg aircraft.. 

The both modes of the FCR have this problem for me... be it instant replay or record&replay... Since that reason my replays are useless for any view angle that lets you see the nose gear while landing... This kills the whole purpose of having a replay program for me.. Don`t get me wrong.. This is a great product and I understand PMDG  is a very complex aircraft... But this is sadly what it is.. It doesn`t get the job done... at least for the NGXU (ngxu is the reason I bought this product tho).

Waiting for some good news from you Fabio, regarding the NGXU nose gear..

Keep up the good work!

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Hello !


Thank you so much for your feedback and for your questions ! 

Nowadays i m working on this type of complex issue . I think i ll come to you and to all folks early september with an announcement about this type of issues , for MSFS and for P3D.



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