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FSUIPC 6.1.6 Issues on new softwares

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I am using latest Windows 11 + P3Dv5.2 last hotfix + FSUIPC 6.1.6 and 2 Thrustmasters Airbus Throttle (1&2 - 3&4) ob PMDG 748i.


Everything was good till I dicided to try fine adjustments of throttles positions cause at Idle, still remain 2% above normal idle.


I kept specific aircraft settings and went to individual throttle settings. So I decided to rescan axis and selected RAW. After that, I can't set my reversers. The indications doesn't reduce below the detent (16383/9800/-16200). Even with the levers at maximum reverse thrust the indications remains in -4500 and I not possible to set LOW IDLE and Reverse Idle values.


Already tried to clear axis, rescan, reset individuals settings, delete fsuipc.ini, unistall, reinstall, update Thrustmaster Airbus Quadrant calibration... Now cause of excess of precious about 2% I am flying with keyboard to handle throttles. All buttons on TM Quad is working with respective associations and the TM Side stick never had showed up any issue. The issue is only with with TM Throttles Levers.

Anybody could recommends me any tip or suggestion? 

Thank you so much for the assistance and your time in reading this.





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18 hours ago, fernandoffilho said:

Anybody could recommends me any tip or suggestion? 

Are you calibrating them in FSUIPC? Calibration doesn't care what the range of the inputs are because it scales them to reach the correct maximum and minimum values required by the specific control being sent to the Sim.

With a throttle being set with both forward and reverse ranges, the maximum thrust for reverse is never the same as for forward thrust -- the Aircraft CFG file specifies the limit, defaulting to 25% (so -4096 instead of -16364).

It isn't really very clear from your post whether

a) you are assigning and calibrating in FSUIPC
b) what controls you are assigning to 
c) what calibration options you are setting.

Perhaps you should ZIP up and attach your FSUIPC6.INI file, so we can see what you are doing.



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