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Create a checklist in fsuipc and lua is this possible with fs20


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a few years ago under Fsx and P3D, I had succeeded in creating a lua file which would be in the Fsuipc folder to create my vocal checklists.

It included all the items of an airplane checklist and each item was read by a voice command in lua.
when the switch or button was set I validated with my voice and lua read me the following item.

The big problem is that I totally forgot how to redo such a file for FS20. Because I really enjoy doing checklists this way.

Since then I used VoxAtc (paid) but extremely long to create the checklist. With Lua and fsuioc, it was much faster.   edit : VoiceAtack and no VoxAtc excuse me

If you could just put me 3 1st line of checks to help me?

I did not find precise information in the 'lua' manual of the Fsuipc file.

battery - ON
Parking brake - ON
parking brake - release
Generator - on

thank you in advance for your help.



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So you not have your original lua anywhere that you can use?
I'm sorry but I cannot help you with this. If you did this before, surely you can do it again, if you can't find your original script. As well as not being sure what you want to achieve, I have never looked into voice commands in lua...

35 minutes ago, Choco said:

I did not find precise information in the 'lua' manual of the Fsuipc file.

Not sure what you mean by this. If you found the information that you needed previously, it will still be there...


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