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I am very very new to AFCAD and to FSUIPC so am experiencing some very early problems.

I have downloaded FSUIPC and placed the DLL file in my modules folder of FS2002. I have downloaded AFCAD and placed it in a file I can easily access.

I use Humberside airport as a kind of Base and have a 3rd party airport in place. The alignment is slightly off with AI traffic, so, my first experience with AFCAD was going to be simply to realign Humberside so that the AI traffic take off and land on the actual runway and not on the grass.

I thought this was going to be simple, I read the instructions which said:- In FS2002 go into ‘down’ view, go into ‘slew’ open up AFCAD and you will see the crosshairs of where the aircraft is, highlight the complete airfield and then ‘drag’ to the appropriate position.

When starting up AFCAD :-

I get an Access Error relating to FSUIPC saying :-

"One or more programs you are using is not accredited for access to an unregistered copy of FSUIPC. Please see the FSUIPC.cog for Details"

When I look at the FSUIPC log, I get :-

********* FSUIPC, Version 3.11 by Pete Dowson *********

User Name=""

User Addr=""

FSUIPC not user registered

WIDEFS not user registered, or expired

Module base=02080000



InitDelay: 3 seconds


14171 System time = 11:21:22

14181 C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS2002\

16074 FLIGHTS\myflts\Previous flight.flt

16124 AIRCRAFT\b737_400\Boeing737-400.air

22282 System time = 11:21:31, FS2002 time = 11:21:29 (11:21Z)

66756 FLIGHTS\MYFLTS\UI Generated Temporary Flight.flt

67257 Clear All Weather requested: external weather discarded

77872 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled

77872 ADVDRV.DLL has been patched for weather and other variables

77872 Saving original winds by Window Position Changes

77872 Everlasting rain/snow fix installed

90601 Client Application: "AFCAD" (Id=264)

90601 C:\Documents and Settings\Neil\Desktop\Flightsim\Utilities\AFCAD\AFCAD.exe

90611 Product=" AFCAD"

90611 Company=" "

90731 Illegal read attempt: offset 320C, size 228

90731Program not accredited for use with this unregistered FSUIPC

I am really confused – Just who is not registered……Me ? or AFCAD ? Do I have to Register for FSUIPC in order to get this working ?

Hope someone can explain and tell me how to get things going, and how to get the aircraft 'crosshairs' appearing.



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For FS2002 you can use the 2.9x version that is freeware. For FS2004 you need the new 3.x. ALSO check out the thread about freeware keys on the forum main page, it lists free keys for freeware programs. Freeware can get a free key that makes them work with FSUIPC.

Of course registering your FSUIPC is a good way to virtually give a pat on Pete's back for the long and important work he has done all these years.. And it also unlocks the configuration and keymapping features that are very nice.


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When starting up AFCAD :-

I get an Access Error relating to FSUIPC saying :-

"One or more programs you are using is not accredited for access to an unregistered copy of FSUIPC. Please see the FSUIPC.cog for Details"

Since version 3 of FSUIPC, programs need a key to access FSUIPC. This is freely provided to free programs like AFCAD, and in fact it is built into the latest version of AFCAD (for FS2004), but for the earlier version, which pre-dates FSUIPC 3, you have to enter the key manually.

If you check the "sticky" thread near the top of this Forum, the one talking about Freeware Keys, you will find a 12-character key there for AFCAD. This is what you need. When you run FS, go into the FSUIPC options (via the Modules menu) and press the button near bottom right to register a program, then enter the program name (AFCAD) and the Key where shown.

There's more explanation if you need it in the FSUIPC User Guide, which is provided in the FSUIPC Zip file in both PDF (Acrobat) and Word format.



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Thanks so much for the information. I don't think I would have found it by myself.

Have tried it and it seems to be working fine.

Again many thanks, and also for the time and energy you put in to making applications such as FSUIPC. I for one, and am sure many others really appreciate it and are grateful.

Kind Regards


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