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Hi everyone. I have had Tracon!2012 for a few years now and recently decided to reinstall it and give it another try, but I'm having a problem trying to issue commands with voice recognition. When I press the PTT button or hit the TAB key the PTT button lights up but there is no audio and the aircraft do not respond to my commands. I have done several searches trying to resolve the problem but nothing has worked. I do get the warning when installing the my version of C++ 2010 is newer. I even tried uninstalling my newer version and letting the program installing the older version of  C++ 2010 but that didn't work either. I do also have Tower!3D Pro which works flawlessly. 

I have installed the program with my anti-virus turned off and do run the program as administrator. I am running Windows 10 with all of the latest updates. I'm just wondering if anyone out there is experiencing the same problem I am having or have found a solution. And just to be clear, this is the original version of Tracon!2012, not the one from Steam. Thank you in advance for any helped offered.


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i had this issue when i went back to tracon after using 3D for a good while. With 3D uninstalled, tracon works for me, must be some interference with the the two programs somewhere along the line. dont know enough to know what could cause it though, sorry.


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Just a crazy question, but does anyone know if you have to start speech recognition in Windows in order for the speech in Tracon to work? I tried to start speech recognition and get the error shown in the pic attached. I've tried every possible solution I could find to get this error resolved, but to no avail. All of my speech settings are set to U.S. English. But as I said in my original post, the speech in Tower3d works perfectly, and without having to start speech recognition.


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Hi Hawk.  I recently started playing this sim again after a long pause.  I had issues with a/c not appearing so I went back to London Control for a while.  LC is great but voice rec is spotty at best.  I went back to this tracon sim after setting up my mic and training my voice.  Works great now.  Not sure exactly what it was, sorry.  


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