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MSFS Joystick Issues


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Morning Team,

I'm new at this....Firstly my joystick works perfectly in DCS and did in FSX.  I have the latest drivers (Thrustmaster Hotas 4) installed and have ensured it has been calibrated in WIN10 correctly. Out of eight aircraft tested I can only get three to work correctly. I can only assume that MSFS has some joystick bindings issues within the MSFS program but would welcome any feedback.   


FSUIPC7.log FSUIPC7.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC7.ini MSFS Joysticks - Thrustmaster Hotas4.xlsx

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12 hours ago, Trick said:

Out of eight aircraft tested I can only get three to work correctly. I can only assume that MSFS has some joystick bindings issues within the MSFS program but would welcome any feedback.   

Different aircraft can use different controls - you need to see which controls work for each particular aircraft and use that control. To see what an aircraft uses for a particular control/action, activate appropriate logging in FSUIPC, open the logging console and activate the control in the UI. You will then (hopefully) see what control the aircraft is using, and then can assign to that.
But your question is too general. If you let me know a specific aircraft and function (axis/button) that you wish to assign, let me know and I can take a look. There is no way I can provide any information on assignments without knowing which aircraft you are using.

Also, if assigning in FSUIPC, best to start with an empty profile for your controller/device in MSFS.

And your general [Axis] section in your FSUIPC7 has some strange entries:

0=AY,256,F,65694,65695,65696,0	-{ TO SIM: ELEVATOR_SET, AILERON_SET, RUDDER_SET }-

Do you really want yout elevator, aileron and rudder all activating on one axis? I would delete this line.

3=AV,256,F,1,0,0,0	-{ TO SIM: Custom control: <1> }-

Not sure what this is - I would remove this.

Maybe many aircraft don't "work" as you don't have your main axes set-ip in your general [Axis] section, and your profile aircraft names are full names and not substrings, so will not catch all variants.
So, i would recommend:
   - removing those entries mentioned above from your FSUIPC7.ini file
   - assign all  your main axes for the general axis profile (i.e. no profile)
   - update your profiles to use substrings. To do this, change:


1=Carenado CT182T Skylane G-ANRW
2=Carenado CT182T Skylane G-ANRW
3=Cessna Skyhawk Asobo
4=Cessna Skyhawk G1000 Asobo
5=Beechcraft King Air 350i Asobo



1=Carenado CT182T
2=Cessna Skyhawk
3=Beechcraft King Air 350i



1=Boeing 787-10 Asobo
2=Boeing 787-10 Qantas
3=Boeing 747-8i Asobo Qantas
4=Airbus A320neo FlyByWire XMAS
5=Boeing 747-8i Asobo
6=Boeing 787-10 QANTAS 100 YEARS



1=Boeing 787
2=Boeing 747
3=Airbus A320neo FlyByWire

It is a good idea to manually adjust the aircraft names used in profiles to use substrings to catch all variants.


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Hi John,

I been through your kind reply and ensured all the above has been done.  I did find in my blank joystick setup an allocation of a throttle by MSFS which I deleted. I then restarted MSFS selected FSUIPC and did several circuits around YAMB. I would say that the extra throttle was certainly causing a conflict across the board. All aircraft now seem to be operating correctly. Again cheers for you help from the Sunshine Coast.


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