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Trimwheel honeycombe bravo msfs2020

Peter kehlet Schou

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The bravo trimwheel reaction in a SEP like da40tdi and justflight pa28 warrier, is to say it least slow, compared to reallife aircrafts it just dosnt do the job. I have seen someone suggesting Fsuipc and bake it operate on an axis, that is in line with real life flying, but how and what axis shall i use so i dont conflict with my alpha ☺️ Thanks for your assistance 👍👍👍


peter kehlet schou


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I have moved your post to the FSUIPC7 / MSFS sub-forum.

How to set-up the trim wheel has been asked many, many times before - try searching this forum and you will find numerous posts.
However, note that the honeycomb trim wheel works on buttons, not an axis, so you cannot use axis controls with buttons (well you can but that is quite advanced, and you really shouldn't be doing this for the honeycomb trim wheel.

I have even posted my Honeycomb settings, including the trim wheel - see 

If you want to try FSUIPC7, you can find a trial license in a sticky post at the top of this forum.


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