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Fsuipc inputs gone.


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Hi all was working fine until today when i was going to take a flight and all my go-flight instruments did not respond, when i opened fsuipc i noticed my specific aircraft inputs were all gone, is there a way for me to get all these inputs which took me days to set up or do i have to start inputting everything all over again.


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First, you are using a very old version of FSUIPC7, v7.0.4. The latest version is v7.2.15, with v7.2.16 or v7.3.0 (haven't decided yet!)  to be release in the next few days. Only the latest version of FSUIPC7 is supported.

You are correct in that your FSUIPC7.ini is empty - it looks like the old one was removed somehow and a new default FSUIPC7.ini was created the  next time you ran FSUIPC7.
There is really nothing I can do to recover your previous assignments. If you recently re-installed FSUIPC7, could you have re-installed in a different folder from the original installation location? if so. you should copy the FSUIPC7.ini from its original location to the new one. You could try searching your system for any FSUIPC7.ini file - I recommend the program Everything (https://www.voidtools.com/downloads/) for doing this type of thing.

Otherwise try to determine what has removed/deleted your FSUIPC7.ini. I cannot see how this can have been done by FSUIPC7 itself  - the ini file is only ever updated (once created) and never removed.


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Ok thank you I just updated to the current version hoping it would somehow appear but nothing, I will look to see if FSUIPC.ini is somewhere otherwise I guess I will reassign everything again and maybe keep a copy of FSUIPI.ini somewhere as a back up incase this ever happens again.

But thanks for checking.

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