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button assignment for the PMDG DC6?


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I read about the How to program joystick buttons and keys to control PMDG aircraft. But It's for FSX and P3D. Is there a SDK file for DC6 in MSFS? Or I have to use some other ways to set custom controls?

I tried to look for events in the log, but the control value and parameter I found in the log didn't seem to work  . Am I doing something wrong?

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2 hours ago, ATree_YM said:

Is there a SDK file for DC6 in MSFS?

No, not that I am aware of. Certainly there are no specific offsets for the PMDG DC6. I don't know if there are any custom controls - take a look at the aircraft documentation 9sorry, I don't have this aircraft).

2 hours ago, ATree_YM said:

Or I have to use some other ways to set custom controls?

Looking at the MobiFlight preset list for this aircraft (see https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/#/list and set PMDG as provisor and DC_6 as aircraft and you will see the MF presets available) it seems that this aircraft uses the Rotor Brake control with the parameter indicating the actual control. You should have a document with the aircraft that explains what these controls are.

For example, looking at the preset PMDGDC6_CABIN_HEAT_TOGGLE, this uses the calculator code '21401 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE)' (although the close bracket is actually m,issing for this in the preset page!"). To use that in FSUIPC7, you would assign to the Rotor Brake control with a parameter if 21401.

Some presets may use lvars or hvars, or even more complex calculator code. It is relatively straightforward to access these in FSUIPC7, but does require some knowledge on how these are ued (see the Advanced User Guide).

For the next FSUIPC7 release, hopefully early next week, I will be providing direct access to MobiFlight presets (i.e. they will be available in the controls drop-down menu for button assignment). This has been implemented but not yet released.

Alternatively, you can install the MobiFlight WASM module and use the MobiFlight presets by using event files. Some event files are provided in the EventFiles sub-folder of your FSUIPC7 installation, but there i not one available for the DC-6, you would need to create your own. To do this, create a file called DC6.evt in your main FSIOPC7 installation folder, and and add the preset names that you want to use, in the format:



where <presetName> is the actual name of the preset you want to use. The event listed in such a file will also be assignable in the button assignments drop-down menu.

Of you wait a few days for the next FSUIPC7 release, you will not need to use the MobiFlight WASM as FSUIPC7 will use the calculator code directly for these presets via its own WASM module.


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