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Fsuipc stop working

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On 3/1/2022 at 2:22 AM, John Dowson said:

Please show me your FSUIPC6.log and FSUIPC6.ini files - they will be located in your FSUIPC6 installation folder.


Hi John,

I am having the same problem with the current version of FSUIPC6. For some reason, it is not reading my LUA file anymore after I made an update in it to allow me to turn off the Autobrake using one of the buttons on the joystick. Before I updated FSUPIC and added a function in the lua file, it was working fine. I've attached my .ini, lua and .log file (via the link below).


FSUIPC6.ini My320functions.lua

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Please don't provide such large log files - I am not going to go through that file. You have far too much logging activated - only activate logging related to your issue, which in this case would be Buttons & Keys and Lua Plugins. So, remove other logging and generate a log file with that logging activated. Also, before posting it here, try looking yourself to see if you can see what the issue is. If you do this with the logging console window open, you should be able to see the log entries in real-time which will help you diagnose your issue.

You also hijacked a topic that is nothing to do with your issue. Please do not do this - raise a new topic if you cannot find a similar issue. This topic (also badly named) has nothing to do with lua.

A quick scan of your log reveals this line:
   340067 *** LUA Error: ...ments\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSUIPC6\My320functions.lua:191: Event proc not found
Line 191 is:
and there is no such function as AB_OVH_Ext_LANDING_retract, which will be your problem.

If you had less logging, and had looked at the log for youtself, you should have been able to see and correct this on your own...


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