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Can not find STARTER1_SET in command list


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Hi Pete,

I am trying to map the Thrustmaster Airbus throttles' engine switch(up position is press, down position is release) to the engine starter of aerosoft twin otter.

I've tried to map the switch in MSFS as SET Starter 1. It worked perfect. But when I tried to map the switch in FSUIPC, I could not find the set starter 1 in the command list. I also searched the Controls List for MSFS Build 999.txt and there is TOGGLE_STARTER1~4 and SET_STARTER1_HELD but no SET_Starter1. I checked the event ID list of MSFS SDK and STARTER1_SET could be found.

Am I missing anything here? Does the controls list need to be manually updated?


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The STARTER1/2/3/4 SET controls were previously not recognised by simconnect and were commented-out/not available. I have just checked and they are now available so I will enable in the next FSUIPC7 release. This is now ready for release, just need to update the documentation, so I will probably release this sometime over the weekend.
In the mean-time, you could try the Magento controls Magneto Set or Magneto1 Set.


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