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Reverse on button in MSFS


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I am trying to mimic a behavior that I am using in P3D, for the same airplane in MSFS. So the background is that we all know that one way to get reverse is to leave the "No Reverse Zone" unticked and calibrate the axis to some value above the stops. Anything below will then be reverse. This is not practical however for many reasons and joysticks. There is no detent defining your idle stop is one of the most prevalent. Most controllers also have the reverse as a button under the axis. It was so for my Saitek's and the same for my new Bravo Quadrant. So the solution I have come up with and that works beautifully is this;

5=P0,9,C65966,0     -{THROTTLE1_DECR}-
6=U0,9,C65967,0     -{THROTTLE1_CUT}-

This is the reverser lever (button) on the axis and is responsible for extending the reversers (if the throttles are idle) when engaged and forward idle when released. This works good in P3D and also in MSFS, however;

9=P0,25,C68047,-8500     -{AXIS_THROTTLE_REVERSER1_SET}-
10=U0,25,C68047,-13000     -{AXIS_THROTTLE_REVERSER1_SET}-

These are assigned to the reverser range button under this axis. This tells FSUIPC to set a specific reverse throttle setting of xxxxx value when pressed and xxxxx value when released. When combined with the above, I get a perfect reverse deployment, around 1.3 to 1.4 EPR (or about 70% of reverse) when pressed and around idle reverse when released. Stowing (releasing) button 9 above which is the reverse lever, then brings the throttle to forward idle.

In MSFS I no longer see "AXIS_THROTTLE_REVERSER" in the list of FS commands. What would be a good way to do this same behavior in MSFS? Deploying and stowing reverse is set, however I can't find a way to place the amount of reverse on button as I could with P3D.




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2 hours ago, xkoote said:

for the same airplane in MSFS.

But which airplane? You don't say.... 

2 hours ago, xkoote said:

In MSFS I no longer see "AXIS_THROTTLE_REVERSER" in the list of FS commands.

Aircraft in MSFS can be quite different to those in P3D as far as controls/simvars/lvars/ etc are concerned. You need to fins out what works for the aircraft you are using, which you don't say so its difficult to advise. You can always try activating logging and see what controls are logged when you reverse in the UI - this should tell you what controls the aircraft is using.

Note also that several new reverser controls were added in the latest MSFS SDK update and were added in the latest FSUIPC release (which is 7.3.1) - if not using that, please update. The new reverser controls added are:



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I have not downloaded the latest update. Thanks for that I will check it out. I am working on Leonardo's MD80, which is only Beta access. However since the above were all default FS controls I thought it would not have mattered. Thanks for the reply, I will check it out after updating.


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