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Aerosoft CRJ - Button Assignments not working


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Hi there:

I'm trying to use FSUIPC to allow me to use external buttons and encoders and things with the Aerosoft CRJ, and they're just not working at all.  I can see FSUIPC react to them in the logs, if I make an assignment to a generic MSFS control it works fine, but the ASCRJ specific things just don't.  Is there some extra step I'm missing that I need to do?

I mainly just want to use encoders and switches to change Alt sel, Ias/Mach, etc.  Things that are difficult to do with the vr headset on.  Nothing fancy.

Relevant snippet of the FSUIPC.ini

1=CRJ700ER Horizon Air N613QX

0=RD,21,CPASCRJ_FCP_SPEED_SEL_DEC,0 	-{Preset Control}-
1=RD,22,CPASCRJ_FCP_SPEED_SEL_INC,0 	-{Preset Control}-
2=PD,23,CPASCRJ_FCP_IAS_MACH_PRESS,0 	-{Preset Control}-
3=RD,25,CPASCRJ_FCP_ALT_SEL_INC,0 	-{Preset Control}-
4=RD,24,CPASCRJ_FCP_ALT_SEL_DEC,0 	-{Preset Control}-
5=RC,150,CPASCRJ_LSP_BARO_CHANGE_DEC,0 	-{Preset Control}-
6=PD,26,CPASCRJ_FCP_ALT_CANCEL_PRESS,0 	-{Preset Control}-
7=RC,151,CPASCRJ_LSP_BARO_CHANGE_INC,0 	-{Preset Control}-
8=PC,149,CPASCRJ_LSP_BARO_STD_PRESS,0 	-{Preset Control}-
9=RC,153,CPASCRJ_FCP_HDG_SEL_DEC,0 	-{Preset Control}-
10=RC,154,CPASCRJ_FCP_HDG_SEL_INC,0 	-{Preset Control}-
11=PC,152,CPASCRJ_FCP_HDG_SYNC_PRESS,0 	-{Preset Control}-
12=RC,144,CPASCRJ_PRESS_LDG_ELEV_KNOB_DEC,0 	-{Preset Control}-
13=RC,143,CPASCRJ_PRESS_LDG_ELEV_KNOB_INC,0 	-{Preset Control}-
14=UD,23,CPASCRJ_FCP_IAS_MACH_RELEASE,0 	-{Preset Control}-
15=UD,26,CPASCRJ_FCP_ALT_CANCEL_RELEASE,0 	-{Preset Control}-
16=UC,152,CPASCRJ_FCP_HDG_SYNC_RELEASE,0 	-{Preset Control}-
17=UC,149,CPASCRJ_LSP_BARO_STD_RELEASE,0 	-{Preset Control}-


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Could you also attach your FSUIPC7.log file as well as your complete FSUIPC7.ini file (not just an extract), with logging for buttons and events activated, and showing an assigned button press.
If you aren't loading the  aircraft 'CRJ700ER Horizon Air N613QX' then that profile won't be loaded. You should use a substring in your profile to catch all versions, i.e.



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Sure.  INI and logs attached, though I had to really, really truncate the log file to get it under the 20 kB maximum.  Logging events collected a lot of stuff and it quickly ballooned to over 3MB.  None of the repetitions it was logging are mapped to any controls in the sim.




Edited by jackmill
Getting the total under 20kb
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