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XPWideClient connects then closes connection... call for an EXPERT PLEASE!

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Hi Guys,

So I'm running XP 11.55 networked PCs - as Master and as Ex Views set up. In short, the issue is that XPWideClient v2.0.0.3 installed on Remote (ExViews)  and XPUIPC (latest)  on the Master (Host) both with the correct IP addresses set. 

The connection is made but closes after a few seconds??? log shows:

12:43:44:912 Status INIT
12:43:44:913 granting multicast to (the Remote Machine)
12:43:44:914 Status NOT_CONNECTED
12:43:48:960 Status UDP_CONNECTED
12:43:49:467 Connection to Server OK (the Master Machine)
12:43:49:467 Status UDP_TCP_CONNECTED
12:43:55:655 udpBytesPerSecond < 10 => Status DEINIT 
Closing connection IP
12:43:55:655 Closing connection to server OK
12:43:55:765 UDP Bad footer batch head->Size=0 foot->Checksum=0 foot->Size=0
12:43:55:876 Status INIT

Using a software port reader,  the XPWideClient  when shown to connect uses TCP local port 50217 and Remote port 65000 to the correct Host IP but not the UDP 49010,49000,49001 as defined in the XP Network Page. Plus has an additional port 54942 not connected...As far as I can ascertain the UDP ports are open....

So any guesses why this is port mishap is happening? and why the above error which seemingly causes the disconnect?

For further info, the Remote XP Log file shows packets from the Host but nothing else.. as below...

time=   316.2, RECV label=SNAP from IP=, length after packaging removal=1885
Private-message parse, RECV label=SNAP, len=1885
Got SNAP, p_us=0, snap t=   49.22, dt_snap_100=       3, locl t=   49.20, dt_locl_100=       0
Public-message parse, RECV label=SNAP, len=1885
time=   316.2, RECV label=SHEL from IP=, length after packaging removal=57
Private-message parse, RECV label=SHEL, len=57
Public-message parse, RECV label=SHEL, len=57
time=   316.2, RECV label=ZOOM from IP=, length after packaging removal=88
Private-message parse, RECV label=ZOOM, len=88
Receiving and applying input label=ZOOM
Public-message parse, RECV label=ZOOM, len=88

...just continues until XP is exits!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Second thought!

I use a Router connected to a TP Link SG10s Switch for the LAN (Private) which has the two PCs attached...no port forwarding set.. default settings.. all Trusted... Windows Defender set for XP and WideClient.. I thinking a router or managed switch would be a better  way forward? What  do you have to connect two networked  XP PCs ...??

If you can assist in solving this itwould be hugely appreciated.... at wits end here 😞 



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