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PMDG CDU 1 Offset does not work

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Hello Im trying to read CDU of NGXu PMDG on the CDU 1 Offset 0x5800 but it does not work 

 PMDG_NGX_CDU_Screen cdu = new PMDG_NGX_CDU_Screen(0x5800);

            if (cdu.Powered)

the cdu.Powered returns false.

It works with offset 0x5400 CDU 0

Any idea of what I'm doing wrong ? Thanks

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Probably you have not enabled the second CDU broadcast in the ini file: (In bold below).


To enable the data communication output from the PMDG aircraft, you will need to open the file
737NGX_Options.ini (located in the FSX folder PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX, and add the following lines
to the end of the file:


For CDU screen data you also need one or both of these lines:


Which enable the contents of the corresponding CDU screen to be sent to FSUIPC.

If you have that line but it still doesn't work, let me know and I'll investigate more. Also let me know which flight sim you are using.


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