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Registration failure


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Hello FSUIPC7 ... I am trying to register a FSUIPC7 on a 2nd computer which I purchased from SimMarket.com

It installed correctly on the first computer but the stall will not accept the serial information when I try to register

on the 2bd computer. I have verified the confirmation e-mail I received from SimMarket and the only thing I can see

is the my last name has an apostrophe between the O and B in O'Brien but the simmarket e-mail is showing O_Brien

with a long dash. In any event I have tried both options with the correct serial code but the installer will not accept it.

Please can you help me with this.



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If it registers correctly on the first computer, then it should also register on the 2nd computer. If it fails, it may be due to the VC++ redistributabes being out-of-date or not installed. First, uninstall any of the 2015, 2017 or 2019 VC++ redistributables from the Windows App management panel, and then re-installed the latest combined redistributable packages from here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-US/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-170. Best to install both x64 and x86 packages.

And please give your posts an appropriate title.

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  • John Dowson changed the title to Registration failure

OK ... I will try again. I cannot register the copy of FSUIPC7 on my second computer.  I have both VC-redistributables installed.

When I try to register with the registration keys included I get  "INVALID KEY" message. If I "SKIP" the program install but without

complete functionality. I am sorry if you find my repeated request for help iritating but I need your help. If I knew how to fix this

I wouldn't be asking. I have not shown the registration keys in the attached files for obvious reasons.





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12 hours ago, Pearskin said:

I am sorry if you find my repeated request for help iritating but I need your help.

Why do you say this? You reported an issue and I responded. You ignored my response and created a new topic with the same issue again. I therefore closed the new issue you created and asked you to use this topic if you had further issues, which you have now done.

If the license is valid on your, it should be the same on the second computer. Are you sure that you are entering the details exactly as you did on the 1sr computer?
Try copying your FSUIPC7.key file across from your 1st computer's FSUIPC7 installation folder to the 2nd computer's FSUIPC7 installation folder.
Then run FSUIPC7 to see if it is running as a registered version (check you have the Assignments menu). You can also re-run the installer - the details in the key file will populate the registration page where you can validate - does it validate there?

Do you have MSFS installed on your 2nd computer?

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