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WideFS failed to connect!


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Hi, Not long out of hospital after brain surgery and my head is all over the place - so please forgive me as this is taking forever to write.

After all these years I have never had an issue like this which I couldn't resolve myself.

Yesterday I updated FSUIPC7 for the latest version and to be sure I did update WideFS as well.

I attach the WideClient.log for you.

I'm sure there is a simple solution to this!


Resolved - the WideFS changed to disable. Now enabled. That's a first that it has changed.


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On 4/2/2022 at 11:34 AM, katoema said:

to be sure I did update WideFS as well.

You don't need to update WideFS/WideClient when updating FSUIPC7.

I also need to see your WideServer.log file, and also maybe your WideClient.ini...
However, a few things to check:
   - have you set the servername or ip address in your WideClient.ini? If not, please do that (as well as the protocol). See the WideFS documentation
   - are both your computers in the same windows Workgroup? They need to be in the same workgroup to be able to connect
   - check your firewalls on both computers. You can disable them both first to check, and if it connects without the firewalls running you need to add exceptions to the firewalls to enable the connection



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Hi John, sorry for the delay in responding, but I had my second brain procedure and not been too well for a while.

It turns out that what I thought was starting FS as normal, it was not! Let me try to explain!

On the desktop, and indeed via MS LinkedIn, it would (FS7) start but it didn't. It was only when I went to check in task manager and MSFS was running, but not FS7. Bizarre!

I checked the FS7 folder and all looked normal and MSFS and FS7 should work together, but it still doesn't. I downloaded FS7 and installed afresh, but I still have to start FS7 on its own.

Any ideas?




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Why are you asking about FSUIPC7 auto-start in a thread that is titled 'WideFS failed to connect'.

There are now numerous  threads about FSUIPC7 not auto-starting with MSFS, and i have said everything I can on this topic. Please check the support forum for similar issues before posting. Please see:




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