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Pausing P3Dv5.3HF2 resets Flaps Control Offset $0BDC to 0 (zero)

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when pausing P3Dv5.3 HF2 the Flaps Control Offset $0BDC is reset to 0 (zero) and consequently  flaps are retracted as soon as pausing is terminated.

In my home cockpit to set flaps I´m using a Sioc script to read the Pot value of the Flaps lever and send the corresponding Flap position (0 to 16383) to FSUIPC  Offset $0BDC.  As soon as the P3D is paused the Offset value of $0BDC is set to 0 (zero) and when terminating the pause flaps are retracted. No clue what writes 0 to this offset. This applies to this offset only.

However when using Flaps increment button command, flaps stay in their position, regardless if paused or unpaused. Unfortunately I could not find any offset used in this case.

Any hints highly appreciated.

Thank you much in advance

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Can you add offset logging (in FSUIPC) for offsets 0x0BDC and 0x0262, and also activate logging for Events and Axis controls, and produce a log file showing your issue. i.e. load an aircraft, set the flaps and then pause (offset 0x0BDC should then go to 0, according to your description). Then exit P3D, and attach your .log and .ini files. The log file may need zipping to reduce its size before attaching. Please don't start a new log file -I need to see the full log file. I may also need to see a log file with IPC Writes also activated. You can do the same test with this activated in addition to the other logging as well, and also zip and attach that.


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