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My Key no longer works.......

James Gibson

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Hi, I have been away from the FS community for awhile, and have recently gotten a new computer and upgraded to FSX from FS9.

I tried to register FSUIPC4 and it say's my KEY is not valid... My computer is set to the correct date.

I purchased my KEY quite a few years ago, so is there and expiry date???



James Gibson 

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Your post doesn't make sense....Have you upgraded from FSX to MSFS2020?

But it doesn't matter... each version of FUIPC requires its own key. A key for FSUIPC4 will not work with any other version.
If you are using FSX, you need FSUIPC4. If you are now using MSFS (i.e. MSFS2020), then you need a key for FSUIPC7.

There is no expiry date on keys, but each version of FSUIPC (i.e. FSUIPC3, FSUIPC4, FSUIPC5, FSUIPC6, FSUIPC7) requires its own key, and a key for one version is not valid for any other.


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