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I’ve started doing long haul overnight flights and since msfs has a tendency to give up on itself a few hours before I wake up again, I thought the autosave functionality would be very useful. 

sure enough, it is dutifully creating saves every five minutes as instructed but when I try to load one of the .flt files in msfs’ world map, it doesn’t actually load any flight data or info. Nothing seems to happen. 

Am I not doing this right? I found some old threads about this issue but they were from the fall of 2020 and indicated that maybe this had been resolved. Doesn’t seem to be working though… I’m on SU8 and the latest FSUIPC. 


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The load flight function has been broken in MSFS since inception. I'm not sure of the current status as I haven't checked this for a while. From the current documentation, this function is now working. However, there still seem to be issues in the Flight Save MSFS SimConnect function (as well as the Flight Plan Load function), so the problem may be in the flight save file.
I will look into this further (next week now) and maybe raise another bug report with Msfs/Asobo. Not much I can do about this in FSUIPC7 I'm afraid, as FSUIPC relies on the corresponding SimConnect functions to do this.


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Flight saving/loading seems rather flakey - sometimes it seems to work, other times not, and I have also experienced some CTDs when trying to load a flight.
I will check further next week - some of the flt files I am trying to load are probably created by older versions of the SDK, which may no longer be valid.

However, as FSUIPC just calls the MSFS SDK functions to load & save flights, there isn't much I can do about this, except report any issues to Asobo.

I think this may also depend on your MSFS settings. For example, I'm not sure how live weather (and AI) affect flight loading.


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