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LAX causes crash


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Hello There,

My MSFS was completely stable, purchased and installed LAX (removing the Asobo version first).   Sim crashes on loading at ANY airport selected.  Removed community folder contents except FeelThere LAX, same result.

Uninstalled FeelThere LAX and put back Asobo LAX, Sim now works normally with all Community mods back in.  What to do?



Ralph Cooper


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Intel I9 CPU, 32gb ram, GeForce 1080Ti video, M.2 hard drive, Windows 10 Pro.    I decided to install it without removing the Asobo LAX and it seems to work.  I don't see duplication of things, and I do see some of the new features, so we can leave it, unless you need anything else from me.



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  • 3 months later...

Having a similar problem. I own at least 109 (just counted) paid aftermarket airports, but my sim only crashes while taxiing or landing at KLAX. It doesn't happen always but it is quite frequent...I'd say about 3 out of 4 landings will result in sim crashing. Usually while taxiing to the parking spot but it has happened also on approach seconds before touchdown.

I don't own any other aftermarket content in this region. Nearest are probably KSAN and KLAS, so I'm quite confident it has something to do with KLAX.

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@FeelThere Ariel According to ORBX store it is 1.3.0. Also manifest.json confirms it's 1.3.0.

Did a flight yesterday KSEA-KLAX with no crash. Three things were different than before:

1. there was a Windows update performed a day before
2. I updated Nvidia driver
3. FSRealistic was not running (I don't know why it didn't start, but I can confirm it was off)

As a purely subjective remark (not by FPS measured), the sim appeared to run a little bit smoother than before at and around the airport.

I still have a few KLAX flights scheduled with my "Pilot's Life". If it crashes again I'll try to make a screenshot of the error displayed.

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@FeelThere ArielI can now confirm it's not the airport. I did 3 flights in 3 days. All three were KEWR-KLAX. And all three crashed on the approach about 20NM east-northeast of the airport. However on the third attempt I removed the FeelThere scenery and it still crashed at the exact same spot.

Since the rest of the world works fine and the last three crashes happened within a space of 1NM I'm guessing it issue has to be somewhere within the local scenery. But other than FeelThere KLAX I have no other sceneries in this area installed.

I see there is a asobo-airport-klax-losangeles in OneStore folder. Maybe that's the issue. Or maybe something within the wider LA area that came with the USA World Update.

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@FeelThere ArielI did after posting. Experienced a crash about 6NM northeast of the airport. And today I flew far and wide around LA area to land on 06R from the ocean side and had the sim crashed on final about 3NM west of the airport.

I'm thinking something might be corrupt in the MS/asobo scenery of the area, but I'm not really sure how to check or repair that.

A corrupt sector on the SSD also crossed my mind but that's somewhat unlikely since I'm using a dedicated SSD for the sim and it's quite new with only about 180 work hrs.


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@FeelThere ArielNo, I haven't. Meanwhile I also started experiencing classic CTDs in random parts of the flight, however that issue stopped as soon as I performed a roll-back of Nvidia drivers. But landing issues persisted and seemed to be worldwide since similar crashes (with error message) also happened at KJFK (with default Asobo scenery) and also at EDDB (with Aerosoft scenery). I did some research and I found other people who experienced sim crashes on approach and they usually occurred after longer flights (3hrs+). I also read a commend hinting that some broken livery could be the cause because of higher traffic density at the airports. But this
a) made no sense since there were no crashes on departure
b) made perfect sense, since adding some freeware liveries was the only recent modification/addition I have performed

Now I have removed all those liveries and am gradually extending my flights. Today I flew for almost 2.5hrs and landed with no problem. I hope this trend continues.

And I'm also glad it's not KLAX to blame since I'm planning on buying FeelThere EDDF next week.

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