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No connection VAMSYS - MSFS

Karol Ruth

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I have a problem starting VAMSYS - Austrian. He gives me a message on the screenshot. I run everything as an administrator. I have 2 versions of MSFS- STEAM and Microsoft games. In STEAM, VAMSYS starts but MS does not. Advise me, please ask how to run it in MS

Snímka obrazovky (351).png

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Why have you reported this again? I have already responded with various questions which you have not responded to.

Is FSUIPC7 running? If not, try running it. If your problem is with FSUIPC7 not auto-starting, please see the other thread you posted in about this.
If FSUIPC7 is running, what sure that it is running at the same priority level as VAMSYS. Otherwise, please ask VAMSYS support about this - I know nothing about this program.

13 hours ago, Karol Ruth said:

In STEAM, VAMSYS starts but MS does not. Advise me, please ask how to run it in MS

This is confusing...I cannot advise you how to run VAMSYS. This is FSUIPC support.

Do you have MSFS installed with Steam and also with MS Store on the same computer? I didn't think that was possible, but if that is the case then the FSUIPC7 auto-start component will only be installed in the Steam version. You will have to manually create or amend your EXE.xml file in the MS Store version (or copy the Steam EXE.xml to the location for this in MS Store).

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