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MSFS - Disable all controller input whilst in autopilot


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I have an X-56 stick/throttle combo and often find that when panning around in external view (taking screenshots) I can't help moving the stick slightly - disturbing (or even de-activating) the autopilot.

Also - my X-56 suffers from [the dreaded] "throttle creep", which is particularly bothersome with the FBW A32NX when it drifts out of one of the detents.

These scripts are an attempt to lock/disable all flight controls (including throttle) when the autopilot is active.

1) AP_Freeze_ON
Checks to see which A/P is enabled (GEN or FBW).
If either is enabled, all controls axes are disabled (Offset 0x310A set to 255).

2) AP_Freeze_OFF
Resets/enables all controls axes (Offset 0x310A set to 0).

The scripts are mapped to separate switches on the throttle base, using the FSUIPC "Button & Switch Assignments":

BUTTON 1 (toggles freeze to ON):
Control sent when button pressed:  Lua AP Freeze On
Control sent when button released: Lua Kill AP Freeze OFF

BUTTON 2 (toggles freeze to OFF):
Control sent when button pressed:  Lua AP Freeze OFF
Control sent when button released: Lua Kill AP Freeze On

For FSUIPC to be able to read the status of the FBW autopilot, the following two lines need to be added - either to
fsuipc.ini or (if using profiles) to your FBW profile. Make backups of the original files!


After the first run, the size/position of the windows can be changed in the [ExtWindow] entry (x,y,size x,size y).

Fixed Window Freeze ON=[30,30,130,56]
Fixed Window Freeze OFF=[30,100,130,56]

This is my first ever foray into LUA programming (!), so these scripts may be far from perfect - please use at your own risk!

1) John Dowson for his patience.
2) Jason Fayre (the original author of the MyDisplay.lua script that was a starting point for mine.
3) Pete Dowson for the original FSUIPC. I can't imagine running any sim without it.


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