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Strange behavior when using button conditionals?


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I am having a strange behavior when trying to use conditionals on buttons. I mapped my pov hat to WASD to control camera horizontally and set up conditions in the ini file so that when trigger button is pressed, the pov hat controls vertical movements instead (Q and Space). However I noticed some issues here as shown in the video. It seems like after I release everything the Q button is still being pressed. If I switch to another window and switch back the input will stop.


Steps to reproduce: Move pov hat down -> press trigger -> release trigger -> release pov hat.

If I release pov hat before releasing the trigger everything works fine.

Part of my config file:

1=CR(-B,0)B,36,K83,8 	-{Key press: S}-
2=CR(+B,0)B,36,K81,8 	-{Key press: Q}-



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On 5/8/2022 at 11:14 AM, mikan173 said:

Steps to reproduce: Move pov hat down -> press trigger -> release trigger -> release pov hat.

This is incorrect and should be:
     press trigger -> Move pov hat down -> release pov hat -> release trigger
i.e. you should set the trigger button before you activate the button to which the trigger applies.

Activating the trigger once a repeat assignment has been activated on the non-triggered assignment is going to cause issues - you just shouldn't do this. I don't think there is anything I can do about this, due to the way repeat assignments are implemented. It has been this way for many years and this is not something that I think is worth looking into - just use the trigger in the correct order.


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