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FSUIPC7 Makes FS2020 Stutter

Jeane Treurnich

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When i have FSUIPC open, it makes my sim stutter, ever 2 mins or so it will freeze the sim, and then continue. If i close FSUIPC, it works fine. I've moved away from FSUIPC7 for controller assignment and only need it from running my AIVLASOFT EFB and some other stuff for now, would love to make it all work, any ideas?

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FSUIPC should certainly not make MSFS stutter...

I am slightly confused by your issue - when you say 'When i have FSUIPC open', do you mean the FSUIPC window open/visible, or just when FSUIPC7 is running?

You can try running FSUIPC7 with the logging console open  (Log -> Open Console). When you experience the stutters, see what (if anything) is logged in the console when the stutter occurs. Take note of the starting/ending times of the stutter in the log messages. When you have finished, exit MSFS (or just FSUIPC7) and attach your FSUIPC7.log and FSUIPC7.ini files and I will take a look, and also tell me the timestamps (from the log) where the stutter(s) occurred.


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14 hours ago, Jeane Treurnich said:

It seems to have been autosave haha. i turned it off and now its butter smooth. Good to know that that causes MSFS to stop every 60 seconds !

Ah yes...that has been know to cause issues with complex aircraft...thanks for reporting back.


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Hi all

Those with this issue need to look at Windows defender

I have added exclusion for FSUIPC/ install folder and the extensions where the saves are stored. This has reduced the delay to lets than a couple of seconds

See the last post here


If you have Volanta Prem, do the same steps, the stutters will be longer but a lot reduced

I hope this helps someone 


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