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5 minutes ago, ose159 said:

i have tested but does not react as expected.

I'm not sure and cannot really help as I don't have this aircraft...maybe it is a timing issue? What happens if/when the gear is UP and you send the gear-off calculator code e.g. using Add-ons->WASM->Execute Calculator code using
    30 (L:switch_455_73X) - 10 div s0 :1 l0 0 > if{ 45501 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) l0 -- s0 g1 } l0 0 < if{ 45502 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) l0 ++ s0 g1 }
Try that to confirm the preset actually works. If so, you may need to add a delay, to allow time for the Gear-up to complete. before sending the gear-off ccode.
If the calc code doesn't work, I cannot help with that - maybe ask on the MF discord channel.


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20 hours ago, ose159 said:

i am notso skilled to understand.

I will try the discord channel and thanks a lot anyway

You should check if the calculator code for the preset is working or not first (as explained). Also check that it is being sent - activate logging for Buttons * Keys as well as events, and check your FSUIPC7.log file to confirm that it is being sent. You can also post your FSUIPC7.log file here and I can check it.

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16 minutes ago, ose159 said:

once i am in Add-ons->WASM-> only the "ENABLE" and than "DISABLE" are active, the Execute Calculator code is grey.

How can i get it activable ?

The options should be enabled once you have a plane loaded and ready-to-fly. If that is not the case, first check that you are using the latest version of FSUIPC7, which is v7.3.4, and if you are and the options are not active when you have an aircraft loaded then show me your FSUIPC7.log file.

Note that you only have to enable once, nut when you enable you may have to disconnect and reconnect to MSFS to get the WASM data.


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I inserted the formula you suggested (? included at the end) then i press EXECUTE and next the windows is emty. What should i expect ?

Do i have to move the lever ?

Sorry but i told you that i am not skilled 

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10 minutes ago, ose159 said:

I inserted the formula you suggested

It is the calculator code (formula) for the PMDG B737-7 GEAR OFF preset

11 minutes ago, ose159 said:

(? included at the end)

No ? at the end - that was part of the question (What happens if/when....?)...

13 minutes ago, ose159 said:

What should i expect ?

Well, as that is the calculator code for the PMDG B737-7 GEAR OFF preset, it should switch the gear lever to the off position.

14 minutes ago, ose159 said:

Do i have to move the lever ?

Strange question...I though that was the whole point of using a preset, so you don't have to move the lever.

If the preset isn't functioning as expected, you need to ask about this on the MobiFlight discord channel. The HubHop preset list is a community driven effort led by MobiFlight - I cannot help you with the calculator code used by presets, only with getting the sent from FSUIPC7 to the FS.

20 minutes ago, ose159 said:

Sorry but i told you that i am not skilled 

You don't have to be skilled, but you should at least read the documentation to understand what presets are, how to use them, etc

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