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Inject MSFS2020 group players into EFB2


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Hi John or Pete,
Is there any possibility to inject the Groups Only Players from MSFS2020 into the Aivla's EFB2? At this moment or in the future?
Only VATSIM, IVAO or AI-traffic is shown in EFB2 via FSUIPC7.
And because the EFB2 tool is very useful to act as an ATC with my friends I'm looking for it. At this moment it is not possible to see them in a groups only session. And.. there is no other fine tool for ATC with MSFS2020.
Thanks in advanced for your answer.
Grtz. Ad

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I don't think it is possible to get information via simconnect on any other aircraft apart from the users' aircraft and AI aircraft at the moment. However, if the multiplayer aircraft are injected into MSFS as AI aircraft they can be seen. I believe some programs such as JoinFS do this. See the following thread:


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JoinFS do this indeed. But sometimes it lead to double or invisible aircrafts. A bit buggy for MSFS. 
Also VirtualFlightOnline transmitter inject it as AI traffic, that's fine. But they all use their own traffic trackers or LittleNavMap. I was searching for the possibility to show them in AivlaSoft's EFB2.
Anyway Thanks

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28 minutes ago, Ad1945 said:

I was searching for the possibility to show them in AivlaSoft's EFB2.

How does AivlaSoft's EFB2 get its traffic information? knowing that would help....
FSUIPC's traffic tables just show the AI traffic as received from the FS and there is no way to receive multiplayer/group traffic, unless they have also been injected as AI traffic...


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I don't know. The only things I can see in EFB2 is the online info for VATSIM and IVAO:
URL data:
URL transceiver:


The MSFS AI traffic info is not visible and not editable in the GUI of EFB2

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As it looks like it is not getting AI data from FSUIPC anyway, there is nothing I can do. Even if it was getting AI data from FSUIPC, there is nothing I can do at the moment as there is currently no way to get multiplayer/group aircraft data via SimConnect. 

I still think your best bet is to use something like JoinFS or similar. If that (or a similar program) is still buggy and/or under development, they will hopefully get around to fixing those issues at some point - if these issues are being reported...!

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Thank you John,

At this moment I use Virtual flight Online transmitter. Little NavMap can read this information from our groups flight. This is stable enough. 
But I like AivlaSoft EFB2 more. 
Thanks a lot for your help. I hope there will be a good ATC tool for group flights in MSFS in the future.
Kind regards, Ad

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