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FSUIPC Crashes after 3 hours


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You are using v7.3.4 - please update to the latest version, v7.3.6, and try again. There was a fix in that version that could cause a crash (timing issue related to WASM use).
If you still get a crash with this version, please also attach your FSUIPC7.log (zip it if too big to attach as-is) as well as the crash event information.



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Hi John,


7.3.6 was in use at the time. When it happens again, I'll upload the log :).


Seems to only happen with the FBW A320 though. The default 787 doesn't replicate the same issue


Many Thanks

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I am having the same issue, with any aircraft, FSUIPC just closes. Logs cannot be attached (new to forum) but the only entry is: "MSFS no longer running - exiting"
I should mention that this happens sometimes after 30+ minutes, or a few times it 'crashes' minutes after reopening FSUIPC after the 'crash'.
Unsure why. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
As a test, I will disable the 'auto close with MSFS' option. 


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@auroraisluna This is not a crash - FSUIPC7 is exiting, as the log message says. 

I do nor know why new users do not look at the documentation...there is a README.txt file (the clue is in the name) which tells you what you need to do for this issue:


Problems running FSUIPC7

5. Windows 11 issue: FSUIPC7 closes down while MSFS is still running. Check your FSUIPC7.log file. If the log file reports it is closing as it has detected that MSFS
   is no longer running (although it is), you need to add the following line to the [General] section of your FSIUPC7.ini file (located in your FSUIPC7 installation folder):

There are also many many support requests about the same problem - most recently


Please check the forum for exiting posts on the same issue before posting - and ALWAYS check the documentation. This would save us both time.


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