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FSUIPC and blackbox Trislander


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I have purchased the v7 of FSUIPC and I am finding that when I use the program, I am unable to start the engines from cold and dark. If I don't have FSUIPC loaded, no trouble with the engine start. Have you come across this issue?.

All the best.

Christian Conesa.

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2 minutes ago, chconesa said:

Simply put, the start engine on the trislander does not work with FSUIPC loaded.

But how are you starting the engine? What are you doing to start the engines, both with and without FSUIPC - are you using the cockpit UI (and if so, what are you activating), or are you using the keyboard (ctrl+e maybe?)? Please explain.

Your ini file just shows that you are not using FSUIPC for anything at all, so I can't see how it can be doing anything.

Please explain how you start the engines without FSUIPC. And show me your FSUIPC7.log file from when you try to do this with FSUIPC7 running.


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Just checked the start-up procedure for this aurcraft:


It is normal to start the starboard engine (#3) first
1. Remove Engine covers !
2. Set fuel tank selectors (Overhead)
3. Port selector (RED) To LEFT TANK (pointing forward).
4. Rear selector (YELLOW) to BOTH (pointing forward).
5. Starboard selector (GREEN) to RIGHT TANK (pointing forward).
6. Set the corresponding engine auxiliary fuel pump to on and check that the fuel
pressure is in the green band.
7. Operate the corresponding throttle through the entire range 2 or 3 times to
prime the engine (only if cold start).
8. Open the corresponding throttle to approximately 10%
9. Select the left magneto switch for the corresponding engine to ON.
10. Check “clear prop” and push the starter button. The engine should start almost
immediately, whereupon the right magneto switch for the engine is selected ON
and the engine adjusted for approximately 1,000 – 1200 RPM.
11. Look for engine oil pressure and if not present quickly, shut down the engine.
12. Repeat the process with port #1 engine and then rear #2 engine.
13. When all engines are running, select the rear engine power failure switch to ON,
and check for the flashing lamp above Artificial Horizon while the engine is below
2,500 RPM.


So which item on that checklist do you have issues with when FSUIPC is running?

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