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FSUIPC exiting after a short run


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I have purchased FSUIPC and am using it just for PF3 and Pilot2ATC air Traffic Controls apps.

FSUIPC is exiting either immediately on starting or within a couple of minutes of use.  The FSUIPC log contains the following line - 288141 MSFS no longer running - exiting, even though MSFS is not stopped.  I am unable to complete any flights using the ATC apps. As far as I'm aware no other apps are using FSUIPC and neither have I used any of the other features like axis control.


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Please see the README.txt file, included in the zip file you downloaded:


Problems running FSUIPC7

5. Windows 11 issue: FSUIPC7 closes down while MSFS is still running. Check your FSUIPC7.log file. If the log file reports it is closing as it has detected that MSFS
   is no longer running (although it is), you need to add the following line to the [General] section of your FSIUPC7.ini file (located in your FSUIPC7 installation folder):
   If you still get issues with this added, check that your VC++ redistributables are up-to-date (see item 1).

This has also been reported many, many times already... Please check the documentation and existing forum posts before starting a new post. I waste a lot of time answering the same questions again and again...

I will look into making this the default option now Windows 11 is being used more and more...


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